Michał Roszkowski
Partner at Accreo | Partner at Accreo Legal M. Roszkowski i Wspólnicy | Legal Counsel | Tax Advisor

Expert in advising on tax procedures, court-administrative proceedings, fiscal penal proceedings, as well as ongoing tax advice on corporate income tax, personal income tax, and property tax.

Has many years of experience in representing numerous Polish and foreign entities in the course of tax and fiscal audits, tax proceedings, in proceedings before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court. Represented clients in precedential cases in the area of, among others, taxation of income from investment certificates of closed-end investment funds, property tax on energy structures, taxation of slotting fees, excise duty on electricity in a dispute between generators and the State Treasury, civil law transactions tax on joint mortgage agreements, documentation of the intra-Community supply of goods for VAT purposes.

Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology and Ryszard Łazarski School of Commerce and Law. Moreover, he holds an MBA from the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. Member of the International Tax Association (IFA). Completed postgraduate studies in penal fiscal and commercial law at the Jagiellonian University and postgraduate studies in Accounting according to National Standards at the Warsaw School of Economics.