Accreo is a modern consulting company that offers services to businesses and individual clients for tax and legal consulting, business restructuring and European consulting.

The Accreo brand stands for the consistently high quality of services provided, tax and legal security of the proposed solutions, and its unique added value, which is extremely important for a company’s stability and efficient management in ever-changing business realities. We focus on what is important to business, and certainly, this collaborative approach has led us to accompany our clients in the day-to-day management of corporate and family assets for years.

What sets us apart?

A flexible model of cooperation between expert groups from the offered business lines, which, depending on the needs of the clients, merge into project teams or remain completely separate. This way of managing a company allows us to adapt more flexibly to the needs of our clients and to offer the best solutions for the most complex tax matters It also allows us to effectively manage teams of experts while maintaining complete independence from audit entities.

Our team

The carefully selected team of experts in Accreo is our greatest asset. The effectiveness and efficiency of our services are supported by many years of global experience and specialist knowledge of the company’s founders and employees, which has been acquired since the beginning of the free market economy in Poland. Our key specialists are actively involved in the activities of many business organizations and industry associations and work closely with scientific authorities and specialists in many areas of the economy.


The common business values, the synergy of services offered and knowledge of many sectoral specializations guarantee the effectiveness of our activities and thus create a unique proposal for modern consulting services in Poland.