Tax Advisory Services

We follow our slogan, “Quick advice. Long run” – our goal is to develop your business in the long term and to provide optimal security in your dealings with tax authorities. Conducting business is a task that is complex and time-consuming. It is therefore irresponsible and too often has critical consequences to place additional obstacles in the form of new tax obligations and penalties for non-compliance. We are not able to change the legislator’s approach, but we can act effectively counteract it.
ACCREO provides the highest quality tax advisory services that will provide businesses with security in their dealings with the tax administration. However, we understand that it is not a tax authority but the individual needs and objectives of the entrepreneur should determine the direction in which his activity is being undertaken. That’s why the starting point for our experts is always the client’s business needs and our tax solutions are only to help in their safe and rational realization.
The number of new tax obligations imposed on entrepreneurs is unprecedented in recent times. It is virtually impossible to handle this congestion without the support of a team of experts. That is why ACCREO offers you the advice of top-quality experts, whose vast and outstanding knowledge will definitely facilitate this area of activity and allow you to focus on achieving your business goals.

Our current tax advisory services include, among others:

  • verification of the settlement method adopted by clients with an indication of the areas to be corrected, both in the context of recurring business operations and in the context of incidental operations;
  • real-time advice on tax problems occurring in the course of current business;
  • providing concise oral and written advice on the consequences of the actions planned by taxpayers;
  • drawing up legal opinions, including a tax assessment of specific economic events;
  • proposing the implementation of methodologies to use the available mechanisms to improve financial liquidity;
  • conducting tax reviews, including due diligence and sign off;
  • comprehensive support in the preparation and implementation of the company’s tax scheme reporting (MDR) policy, including identification of areas that generate such obligations for the entrepreneur.
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