Tax Advisory Services

Accreo provides ongoing tax advisory services with respect to all types of taxes (VAT, CIT, PIT, Tax on Civil Law Transactions, Excise Duty, etc.) for companies operating across various business sectors.

We know from our experience that what matters most when providing ongoing advisory services is the advisor’s ability to comprehensively understand and quickly analyse the client’s problems, while not compromising the quality. We deliver ready-to-use scenarios in the shortest possible time. We provide a high level of advisory services, while taking care of the details. With our ongoing advisory services, we support the companies at all levels and stages of their business.

Meeting client needs is our top priority. Our advisory services are geared up to help you take optimum business decisions while ensuring that you are not exposed to unnecessary tax risks.  We do not shrug off our responsibility to show you a clear guidance.

Our ongoing tax advisory services include the following:

  • verification of the accuracy of tax settlements with indication of areas in need of adjustment, both in the context of recurring and incidental transactions;
  • real time consulting of tax issues encountered during the course of everyday business; 
  • giving concise oral and written advice on the consequences of activities planned by the taxpayers;
  • preparing written advice in the form of memorandums or opinions, with the overall assessment of scenarios for the presence of any tax issues against applicable regulations or case law;
  • proposing methodologies designed to leverage the available liquidity improvement mechanisms;
  • analysing the tax settlements in order to identify and mitigate tax exposures.