On 1st February 2020:

  • The United Kingdom has left the European Union on the basis of an exit agreement.
  • transitional period has entered into force which will continue until 31 of December 2020.
  • During such period, the EU’s trade conditions with the UK will not change. The negotiations considering the future relations are ongoing and shall be in place after the end of the transitional period.

No changes in relations between Poland and the United Kingdom during the transition period

For Polish entrepreneurs and citizens, the transition period means no fundamental changes in relations with the UK by the end of 2020 i.a:

  • Maintenance of the existing rules regarding free movement of persons;
  • No custom duties, quotas or other additional barriers to trade. The UK will remain in the customs union with the EU and will be participant in the EU common market;
  • The ability to export goods to the UK under current rules. There will be no requirement to submit customs declaration, holding additional documents (e.g. certificates of origin) and product certifications that are so far not required. The UK will continue to respect all the European Union’s regulations in mentioned scope. During the transitional period the validity of the customs licenses issued by the United Kingdom authorities under the provisions of the Union Customs Code will be maintained;
  • Validity of existing VAT and excise legislation including limits on travel allowances, the functioning of tax information systems etc.;
  • Maintenance of existing rules regarding road and air transport between the EU and United Kingdom;
  • Maintenance of a single passport for financial services.

Nonetheless we encourage all entrepreneurs to be active in terms of preparations for every scenario of future relations with the UK – including the effects of the end of the transitional period without future agreement, similar to those that would have been in case of hard Brexit.